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The Whore of Babble-On

1 September

This page depicts acts of consensual maledom/femsub rape roleplaying and fantasies and has NOTHING to do with real rape. If you don't know the difference you need more help than I can give you.

Most of my detailed sexual encounters are FRIENDS ONLY.

I am a former professional dungeon submissive, call girl, dominatrix, and porn actress. I started this journal to give myself an outlet to write and discuss matters of BDSM and sexuality and to purge some of my sexual energy.

All of my stories are true. The one detail I chose not supply in them is the fact that I always used condoms. For the sake of narrative I leave that detail out, but I have always felt that the activities I am involved in are risky enough with out adding disease in the mix.

As far as my embellishing stories, there are some details I leave out, such as when someone accidently leans on my hair, the time out to put on a condom, the phone ringing, lost erections, or any of the other mundane interruptions that can happen during any encounter. I will occasionally change the setting of an encounter if I am concerned that too much accuracy might give away the identities of any of the parties involved. I always change the names of the participants to protect their identities, but I usually got a fake name from them to begin with.

If my stories sound a bit over the top, bear in mind I am only sharing with you the outstanding encounters of several years in the sex industry. You factor in that I worked 30 hours a week 52 weeks a year with no vacations or holidays and occasionally saw several clients a day there is a good chance that some of them were going to be pretty outlandish.

I MAKE MY BEST EFFORT TO NEVER LINK TO A SUBSCRIPTION SITE! If you find one that has been taken over by a suspicious or pay site please let me know so that I can change it.
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